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2 WordPress Plugins For Your Website


Despite the content needed for a website what other parts should be considered for a website to make it look good?  

Plugins and widgets, social media links, and much more.

When I visit other websites; the social media plugins/widgets always catch my eye.  If any one thing to make your site look good these are it.

After much time looking around the WordPress plugins site - I came across one that was 'the one' and became 'the one'.  Metro Style Social Widget  having the look of  Windows 8 and metro style made it even more enticing.  

When I first uploaded the plugin, the Metro Style Social Widget it wasn't allowing me to adjust the width and height properly.  I contacted the developer, Manivannan (HowOpenSource) and within moments he contacted me and was able to solve it; sending a new update.  Since then I haven't had any issues and he has made a couple of great upgrades to it.  One recently, the RSS feed url has been fixed to work better.

A few weeks later, he contacted me about his latest plugin (Google+ Badge Widget) and asked me to test it out.  Uploaded, activated it and works great.  It works better than the old Google+ Plugin that came out when Google+ first became available.

Take a few moments and check these two plugins/widgets out - see what you think and even consider using them yourself or for a client.


Metro Style Social Widget

Google+ Plugin


Metro Style Social Widget

Google+ Plugin


  1. Great plugin choices! I love the look of the Metro Style widget. It looks so sleek. I’ll be checking out next!
    Sam Picarello recently posted…Great Leaders: 4 Essential Leadership SkillsMy Profile

    • Sam, same here. The Metro one will look great on any site. Let me know if you do use it & what you think.

  2. Thanks for sharing. The Metro widget is super cute. Is that geek-speak? :-)
    Toni recently posted…Would You Buy a $300,000 Product from a Business with a Yahoo Email AddressMy Profile

    • LOL…Toni! of course it is.

  3. I don’t use WordPress, but you’ve made the plugins sound so good I feel like I’m missing out. Great links for other WordPress users.

    • Andrea – pass along to anyone you know that uses WordPress – they will enjoy them.

  4. Those plugings look interesting. If I read this blog correctly, I am going to click on the demo links you placed on it and give them a try. Thanks for the info.
    Rochelle Gordon recently posted…Does Your Brain Favor Fear?My Profile

    • Oh yeah – now I’m not sure if it tests or not because he didn’t have the demo when I grabbed them. Let me know.

      I think you will really like them.

  5. These plugins look great, I’ll have to check them out!

    • Alison, let me know what you think of them.

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